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Данияр Елеусіновтың келесі қарсыласы анықталды

Ол WBC-тің экс-чемпионымен жұдырықтасады

Фото: Reuters

Қазақстандық боксшы Данияр Елеусінов (8-0, 4 КО) өзінің келесі жекпе-жегін американдық Алан Санческе (20-4-1, 10 КО) қарсы өткізеді, деп хабарлайды Boxrec.

Бұрын Санчес WBC Continental Americas чемпионы титулына ие болған-ды. Жекпе-жек 20-желтоқсанда Аризона штатындағы Финикс қаласының Talking Stick Resort аренасында өтеді.

Қазастандық атлет өзінің соңғы жекпе-жегін 2019 жылғы қарашада өткізіп, кездесудің бірінші раундында американдық Решарда Хиксты (12-1-1, 6 КО) нокаутқа жіберген болатын.

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Astana Pro Team Has Finished Assembling the Competitors for Next Year

The Fusion of Experience and Youth

Фото: Shutterstock.com

Next season’s team will consist of 28 riders from eight countries. A major part of the Astana team are local athletes, eight in total, including leader Alexei Lutsenko. There are also six Spaniards, including Luis Leon Sanchez and the Isagirre brothers, four Colombian bicycle professionals headed by team captain Miguel Angel Lopez, two Danes led by Jacob Fuglsang, as well as legionnaires from Canada, Belgium, Eritrea, and Russia.

The bet is made on Miguel Angel Lopez and Jacob Fuglsang, who both have a strong chance to be among the main contenders for victory in the Grand Tours — super-day races Giro d'Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta. Many hopes are similarly landing on Alexei Lutsenko, Yuri Natarov and Alexander Zakharov, who will each participate in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

“I think the team has been formed completely. At present, there are 28 racers in the Astana team for 2020, and this is likely the final figure. Yes, we can say that we've got a good transfer campaign this season. First of all, I am glad that we’ve found a common language with Jakob Fuglsang, so he remains in Astana for another two seasons. I think we have strengthened the team well this offseason,” said team general manager Alexander Vinokurov.

In 2019, the Kazakhstan cycling team has won 37 competitions, making last season the most productive in the team’s history.

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