Police Solve a Crime in Turkestan Region

Two fraudsters had tried to cheat the government

Photo: Pixabay.com

According to the press service of the Financial Monitoring Agency, fraud with state subsidies for farmers was solved in the Turkestan region.

As a result of the law enforcement operation called Kazyna, the police have solved a fraud case. Two residents of the Turkestan region, who were representatives of the local company Sybaga, had applied to the state-owned Agrarian Credit Corporation for an $875,254 loan. They claimed they need this money to purchase breeding stock. They even approached the corporation’s officials with documents proving a money transfer to Russia where local company Merkit acted as a supplier. 

To cover part of the contract, the fraudsters also received a subsidy from the Department of Agriculture of the Turkestan region in the amount of $301,732. However, they never bought 585 breeding cattle; instead, they had put false data into the animal database.

As a result, they stole $575,825 and spent this money for their personal purposes. 

After the investigation, a court has sentenced them to six years in jail. Their assistant was sentenced to five years behind bars.

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