Kazakhstan to Open General Consulate in Samarkand

President Tokayev signed the relevant law

Photo: Pixabay

According to the president’s administration, the new general consulate in the Uzbekistani town of Samarkand will be opened under the law signed by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

“To open in the town of Samarkand (Republic of Uzbekistan) General Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan,” the document said.

To implement this task, the government should take all proper actions.

For now, Kazakhstan only has the embassy in Tashkent. Instead, alongside the embassy in Almaty, Uzbekistan also has a general consulate in Aktau.

Samarkand is the third in size – with the area of 120 square kilometers – and the second in population among all towns in Uzbekistan. It’s also an administrative center of the Samarkand Region.

In early September last year, Uzbekistan opened its general consulate in Aktau, Mangystau Region. As the Uzbekistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported, the new general consulate was already able to negotiate the supply of Uzbek agricultural products to West Kazakhstan. As expected, the amount of such supplies might exceed $2.5 million.



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