The New Coronavirus in Almaty Originates From Zurich

Kazakhstan authorities uncovered details about two new coronavirus cases in the country’s largest city

Photo: Ofelia Zhakaeva

Ms. Ayzat Moldagasimova, head of the Department of Goods Quality and Safety Control, announced today at a media briefing that a Kazakhstani woman diagnosed with coronavirus had come back to Almaty from Zurich, Switzerland.

“So far, 31 cases have been recorded with two new cases. One way to contract coronavirus is close contact with a sick person. In the second case, a girl with coronavirus symptoms arrived from Zurich. She used a taxi to get home and then she was immediately isolated in a rented apartment,” Moldagasimova said.

According to the official, the foci of infection were disinfected and there were no contacts between the woman from Zurich with her relatives or friends. 

“When she felt bad, she showed up to the appropriate medical clinic and today's test on coronavirus turned out to be positive,” Moldagasimova said.

To prevent the spread of the new virus, authorities isolated part of the house where the sick person had lived and all its residents were taken under control.

According to health system officials, seven more cases of new coronavirus were registered as of March 25, 2020, two cases in Almaty and five cases in Nur-Sultan.

At the moment, 79 cases have been reported in the country with 41 in Nur-Sultan, 31 in Almaty, two cases in Karaganda, and one each in Shymkent, Zhambyl and the North Kazakhstan oblast.



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