Kazakhstani Authorities Introduce Quarantine in Nur-Sultan and Almaty

So far health system officials reported about 33 cases of new coronavirus in Kazakhstan

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On March 19 (00:00 AM) a quarantine will be introduced in the largest Kazakhstani cities Nur-Sultan and Almaty because of COVID-19. According to the government decree, special anti-epidemiologic steps will be implemented.

The measures that will enter into force on March 19, 2020, are the following: 

-        Introduction of quarantine and implementation of large-scale sanitary and anti-epidemiologic measures;

-        Establishment of the perimeters for each quarantine zone as well as their points of entry/exit;

-        Restriction of movement of people as well as entry/exit of vehicles;

-        Ensuring the smooth operation of special medical facilities for those infected, suspected of infection, and under quarantine;

-        The territory of cities will be divided by sectors to limit the movement of citizens. Those sectors should be optimal for the supply of food and proper functioning of life support systems;

-        Public transportation work will be limited during the daylight and stopped at night; 

-        All of the non-food trading markets, large shopping centers, and trading houses will be temporarily closed, except those facilities inside shopping centers which sell food and medicine;

-        Public food service industry will introduce a new mode of operation on the principle of "direct customer delivery" to strength sanitary and anti-epidemiological control;

-        Operation of all Public Service Centers will be reorganized;

-        Daily requirements for food, medicine, life support items, and essential goods will be estimated for each quarantine sector; 
-        Special centers of trade will be determined for each quarantine sector. They will be supplied with food and essential goods in order to lower the usage of public transportation;

-        Other organizational measures (unspecified).

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